The First Frequency

GZS Publications
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Do you hear that?

That is a sound from before time, reaching out to you today to change your fundamental perspective of the universe. Beware hearing The First Frequency for the song will play forever in your head.

You are a magician who has come into possession of a long-lost grimoire that could unlock the secrets of the universe. Play your cards right and you may become powerful beyond imagining.

Join us with our first zine from the 30-Day CMC Occult zine challenge as we present to you an occult RPG with a twist.

This journaling RPG is both single or multiplayer. All that's required to play is this zine, a small notebook, a deck of standard playing cards, and a vivid imagination.

We based this RPG on "The Machine," created by Adira Slattery and Fen Slattery. You can find it at https://

  • Size
    25.2 MB
  • Length
    16 pages
  • Size25.2 MB
  • Length16 pages
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The First Frequency

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